Stockholm, Sweden

Nationalgalleriet, founded 1984, is run by an artistic collective based on non profit and non comercial principles. The group unanimously decides what artist/show will be exhibited. The gallery does not have any specific artistic or ideological program, but tends to like artist with a bite, with an attitude, and it is best known for its satiric group shows where absurdity is mixed with  political and social comments. When it comes to solo shows the art is varied, from highbrow to subversive underground. Nationalgalleriet got it all! Exiting fist fights, horror, politics, satire, sex (including nude scenes), magic, psychology, art, violence, slapstick and special effects.

Exhibition view, Photo: Emelie Carlén
Exhibition view, Photo: Anna Ekros
Nationalgalleriet invited the Nürnberg based Galerie Bernsteinzimmer ( to make a co-op show based on the theme of food. “My wörst” is the name of our (con) temporary artist-run Swedish-German fast food chain. Cross country crossover – für alle!