Stockholm, Sweden

Skomakaragatan 3
111 29 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Nationalgalleriet, founded in 1984, is run by a group of artists and based on non-profit and non-commercial principles. The gallery does not have any specific artistic or ideological programme, but appreciate artists with a bite, with an attitude. Nationalgalleriet is best known for its satiric group shows where absurdity is mixed with political and social comment in many varied styles; from highbrow to subversive underground: exciting fist fights, horror, politics, satire, sex (including nude scenes), magic, psychology, art, violence, slapstick and special effects: Nationalgalleriet has got it all! Two years ago we lost our gallery space. Since then we are on the move. This year we exhibited at the Art Hall in Linköping Passagen. We also took part in the last Swedish election with the The Flexible Party, our hashtag was ”We think like You”. In 2019 the show goes on. Nationalgalleriet refuses to die!

The title of this years show is:
Va ere om?!
What's it all about!?
Well only time can tell!

Va ere om/What's it all about?!
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