Stockholm, Sweden

Skomakaragatan 3
11129 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Nationalgalleriet is run by an artistic collective based on non commercial principles. The gallery does not have any specific artistic or ideological program, but likes art with an attitude. It is best known for its satiric group shows where absurdity is mixed with social comments. The solo shows are varied, from highbrow to subversive underground.
Nationalgalleriet got it all! Exciting fist fights, horror, politics, satire, sex (including nude scenes), magic, psychology, violence, slapstick, special effects, and yes, art.    
This year’s show is inspired by surface tension; the elastic tendency of fluids to acquire a surface area. Either you take a little walk on the water – or a big dip, beneath  the water line, beneath the skin. Ups and downs, ins and outs, ons and offs.We offer you the ultimate trip.

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