MUU Gallery

Helsinki, Finland

Lönnrotinkatu 33
00180 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

MUU Gallery, Helsinki Established in 1987, the Artists' Association MUU represents new artistic disciplines such as media, video, light, sound, performance and environmental art. In November 2015, the association have 650 artist members. In addition to contemporary art exhibitions, the international programme of MUU Gallery, MUU Studio and MUU Cable includes performances, lectures, concerts and video screenings. The gallery presents work by 100-150 artists every year.

5-10 artists; video works, performances, sound works, interactions with audience, and publications.
As the results of the open call to MUU's new members is sure later on, we present here some images and publicity materials fro earlier NEW MUU exhibitions.

Veera Launonen & Ilkka Martti Kivelä: Summer Love
Yassine Khaled: Monitor Man
Leena Pukki: Palapeli (Puzzle)
Mari Miyamoto: Paths
Marloes van Son