Budapest, Hungary

Mária utca 54.
H-1085 Budapest
Budapest, Hungary


MŰTŐ is an exhibition space in Budapest, run and curated by a group of artists working in interdisciplinary fields including visual arts, sound-based and other forms of media. MŰTŐ is democratic, it strives for critical thinking and is open for DIY culture, as we believe that when fusing these approaches it is possible to come to a form of creation with a positive socio-cultural impact. At Supermarket 2018 we target the question of how artists from eastern Europe can take part in the international art scene. What can be done if they realise that the local art in their country is not globally relevant? The artists presented are Lili Agg, Nikolett Balázs, Bence Barta, Ron Fischer, Blanka GyrŐri, Bence Kala, Veronika Romhány, Noémi Rác and Nóra Teplán. Curator: Zsófia Kókai.

Bence Barta: Yves Klein