Motif Art Studio

Tindouf, Algeria

Mahbas Dayra, Hay 2, Samara Refugee Camp,
37000 Tindouf
Tindouf, Algeria

The art practices we are developing in Motif Art Studio mark a transition in our views and understanding of the role of art in our lives and the world we live in today. Motif Art Studio was built as a response to an environmental disaster in 2015, huge floods hit the Sahrawi refugee camps and destroyed the hand-built mud homes and the tents. Over the next year, we started making (and breaking). Of all the things one might think we needed to live in a refugee camp, we wanted to build an art studio! A place of creating, experimenting and exchanging. We wanted to create a space for our creativity as much as we needed a place where to be. Now we want to engage with the living processes that create life and celebrate life. So we create gardens, exchange seeds and celebrate food.

Food preservation as part of the studio practice
The garden as part of the studio practice
Making and breaking!
Inside Motif Art Studio
Community art tent made from the clothes of the Saharawi
Community art tent in Samara Camp

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