MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gosposvetska cesta 12
Rozna dolina cesta II/36
1000 Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia

MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing the research, production and presentation of transitory, experimental, and live art forms. MoTA is a museum without a permanent collection or a fixed space. Instead, its programs are realised in different locations and contexts in temporary physical and virtual spaces. MoTA organizes and supports transitory art in the form of continuous events, exhibitions and educational programs both locally and internationally. As its name indicates, MoTA examines what a museum can be today and in the future. MoTA is in constant search for the new, the uncertain, and the undefined. MoTA works on several continuous programmes & projects. We run MoTA Point – a Space for Art & Ideas, we curate and produce the annual SONICA Festival, in addition to regular music programmes such as SONICA Series and SONICA Classics. Within the years of running our residency programme we’ve established T.R.I.B.E. – a network of residency spaces in the Balkans & Eastern Europe. We’ve also initiated the research and archive platforms and Mediateque MoTA & Tomaž Brate. Our educational programmes serve a broader audience with ongoing workshops, talks, symposia, and internships.

The exhibition is designed as a conventional gallery exhibition with the purpose to show works that have a life beyond the exhibited object – either as an event in time (Panzer, Expectation); as an interaction (Bittner, Ada); in virtual space (Seppukoo, Lomas); or as their combination.
The MoTA museum collection is impermanent and versatile. The works included defy the understating of an artwork as an already concluded whole in time and space. Instead, they ought to be understood as a break in the process, as side effects or as tools and methods which are able to recreate the artwork.