Møre og Romsdal Kunstsenter

Molde, Norway

Gørvellplassen 1
6413 Molde
Møre og Romsdal
Molde, Norway


Møre & Romsdal Art Center (MRK) is one of 15 art centers spread across counties in Norway. The center was established in 1978, and is organized as an association with two members, the Artist Association of Møre & Romsdal (BKMR) and Norsk Kunsthåndverkere Midt-Norge (NKM). In the summer of 2012, the MRK moved into Plassen Cultural Centre in the center of Molde, where it has a gallery on the third floor.MRK is presenting Simon Wågsholm from Ålesund whose art revolves around exploring the nature and potential of painting, and Ine Harrang from Molde, who works with large concept-based installations and performance.

Ine Harrang
Simon Wågsholm
Plassen Cultural Center