Mondo Tromsø

Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Mondo Tromsø is a non-profit and mobile art bookshop, started in 2007 by Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg. The name reflects the concept and content of the shop; Tromsø in the world, and the world in Tromsø. Since 2009, Mondo Tromsø has been run by Ingrid Bøe Sørensen, Miriam Haile and Linn Horntvedt. This summer, Tanya Busse also became a part of Mondo.

We have the Art Academy in Tromsø as a common background, but today we are spread in Bergen, Copenhagen, Oslo and Tromsø.

Mondo Tromsø is selling fanzines, art books, prints, and music, mainly from young and un-established artists. Mondo is based at Kurant showroom in Tromsø, but you will stumble upon our projects other places as well. Mondo Tromsø is a platform for various art forms where we want to experiment with, and test out projects, rather than finished works. This concept is called Mondo Tromsø Calling.


MTC"Splittet_Kjerne",reading_by_Orjan_Amundsen_at_Tromso_Kunstforening,2012,photo:Linn Horntvedt