Mnky Bizz Group

Panama City, Panama

Mossfon Building, 3rd Floor
54th East Street
88888 Panama City
Panama City, Panama

Mnky Bizz Group is a far-flung team of anonymous artists and cultural activists, known collectively as Mnky Bizz Group, who are committed to shaking up the status quo in today’s brave new art world. Our work serves as a catalyst for debate about the complicated relationship between art and commerce, with the goal to create new connections between the two. Learn more at  

Mnky Bizz Group is unveiling its pop-up shop installation “EVERYTHING MUST GO! – I have no revelations to offer you” at Supermarket 2017. It features new and old marked-down works from the art provocateurs’ co-labs, exclusively available at previously unheard of prices. With inflatable art stars, singing & dancing art relics, and much more, the piece probes the commoditization of art while also investigating how success in the art world is increasingly a matter of financial power.

Mnky Bizz Group, "Everything Must Go", mixed media, size variable, 2017
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