Milkshake Agency

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

24 Montbrillant
1201 Geneva

Established in 2004 by the artist Alexia Turlin the Milkshake Agency is her workshop studio and its shop window. Located just behind the central station in the middle of Geneva the agency presents about ten exhibitions in the shop window every year. These are visible 24 hours a day and seven days a week throughout each show.

Guest artists are a mix of established, emerging, and new practitioners that include neighbours from the local scene alongside national and sometimes international names. The studio works as an artistic agency and also proposes extra activities such as editions, lectures, performances, video screenings, special dinners, and an annual Christmas collective show that takes over the whole place. It is an art space bubbling with the energy of everyday life, accessible to everyone, and promoting diverse contemporary art in all of its forms. Welcome!

©Milkshake Agency.
"jalousie", Charlotte Seidel ©Milkshake Agency. 2012
"Joaselta", science-fiction publication by Asta Van Acker and Joël Mutzenberg ©Mikshake Agency. 2012
"Rousseau 2012", installation Max Jaccot ©Milkshake Agency .2012
"Recso verto", paintings by Isabelle Racine and Laura Thiong-Toye ©Milkshake Agency 2012
Christmas Show 2011 ©Annik Wetter
Christmas show 2011 ©Milkshake Agency 2011