Meer Projects

Oslo, Norway

Kabelgata 1B
0580 Oslo
Oslo, Norway

Meer Projects is proud to present ‘Communis, Corporalis, Atmos, Notatio, §’. Four artists and one with very different approaches are brought together. the title of the exhibition planned for Supermarket Art Fair is referring to community, body in relation to space, atmosphere, and notation/observation. The addendum is the random element representing chance. The social angle represented by Juan Andrés Milanés Benito (CU/NO), the physical angle by Michiel Jansen (NL/NO), the atmospheric angle by Frido Evers (NL/NO) and the observant approach covered by Janne Talstad (NO), the addendum is represented by Kristian Skylstad (NO). Meer Projects is a nomadic exhibition platform that through its Japanese inspired pavilion aims to represent, collaborate, explore, stumble, try, share, sell and experience what meaning can arrive from such collaborations.

FE-The Sea under her calls
MJ-24 hours on Reinhaugen
JT-Frozen City of Hammer and Sickle
JAMB-Potempkin Village
Meer Projects Pavilion