Luxfer Open Space

Česká Skalice, Czech Republic

Maloskalická 40
55203 Česká Skalice
Česká Skalice, Czech Republic

Luxfer Open Space (LOS) presents two levels of audience experience during Supermarket ’24.First, LOS will present five visual artists who all live and work in the Czech Republic; Jimena Mendoza (Mexico 1979), Marek Meduna (1974), Sofie Švejdová (1990), Filip Dvořák (1990) and David Možný (1963).LOS strives to bring these artists to a wider audience and believes their art has the potential to win the hearts of many. To begin with, we will select one piece from each artist.Second, the audience will have the opportunity to see and personally experience the continuation of the Long Art Performance 'Particip'.Meeting each other, creating together, improvisation and direct contact with the audience are key elements of the project.

Particip23 - beginning in Česká Skalice
Long Art Project - first 100m installation
Particip23 Rouen installation
Particip23 Berlin group painting
Berlin Goethe Institut installation
Luxfer Open Space gallery

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