Live Action

Göteborg, Sweden

Syster Estridsgata 4
Syster Estridsgata 4
41325 Göteborg
Västra Götaland regionen
Göteborg, Sweden

Live Action celebrates its sixteen years of existance and is a celebration on many levels. These 16 years have been a great journey of artists diversity with astounding artworks performed live by more that 250 artists from over 50 countries.
Our format has changed over the years, methodically exploring new ways to present performance art. However Live Action have always stayed faithful to our conviction of the importance of showing this Avant-garde art in both an institutional environment, and in the culturally democratic context of public space.

Painting With Time 2021
50 Years! 2018, Jeju Museum of Contemporary art, Jeju Island Korea. Duration 40 minutes. Photo: Young-il Kwon.
Marx Was Here, 2016 Psychatric Hospital "Ivan Rilski" Watertower festival Kurilo Sofia Bulgaria. Photo: Chuyia Chia.
Financial Times Venice, 2017, Infraction Venezia, 57th Venice Biennale preview. Duration: 60 minutes. Photo: Rainer Pagel.
Du Gamla Du Fria/ Thou ancient, Thou free, 2018. Market Art Fair, Liljevalchs Konstahall Stockholm Sweden. Duration: 45 Minutes. Its title refers to the first words in the Swedish national Anthem. Duration: 40 min Photo: Chuyia Chia.
Belgrade My Love, 2012. Belgrade Art Fair, Kulturni Centar Beograda, Serbia. Duration 35 Minutes Photo: Gustaf Broms

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