Liliput galeria experimental

Puebla, Mexico

Diagonal 18 sur 4563
72580 Puebla
Puebla, Mexico

that which alludes to its self as it knows that it is what it is not, and that there is no self or maybe, just as there is no very allude and the means through and by which it travels and signals into the perceiver conceiver.
learn, unlearn, construct, deconstruct; gazing into points inside of lines with vertices and verticals everywhere; into opaque misty murky transparency infinitely small into its invisible, then shed of these thought experiment layers which bring brought attentiveness to this essence which exists whether perceived or not; imaging/imagening of its autonomy, with/without perceiver conceiver:
can conception exist independent of its conceiver?
material was what prior to the process of materialization?
does not an object [of inquiry or not] remain in its permanence [in flux] behind a surface which covers it?
What is it that is equal or not equal to hind sight bias of imaginary future gazing into past now?