Lele Art Space

Warsaw, Poland

ul. Lelechowska 5
02-351 Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland


Oftentimes the unique acoustics of abandoned urban sites forms a perfect setting for your mind's eye. “Reverb” pertains to listening to architecture, its steady hums, unusual reflections and sonic artefacts and to carrying out deformations of captured sounds aimed at representing acoustic phenomena in new audiovisual structures. Crucial to the project were features of the old hall characterised with long echo where Lele Art Space, an independent art gallery, is now located. Drawings and elaborate diagrams were used to create animated score then reproduced in biodegradable 3D prints, while empty exhibition room served for music sessions for tape, live electronics and natural delay which made it to the vinyl LP. These objects, sketches and recordings are our futuristic, up-cycled take on the city.

Marta Kawecka Reverb, polyamide, 3D print, 2022
Marta Kawecka Reverb, animated score, still frame 2, 2022
Marta Kawecka Reverb, animated score, still frame 1, 2022