Le Cube - independent art room

Rabat, Rabat, Morocco

2, rue Benzerte
10000 Rabat


Since 2005 Le Cube – independent art room, based in Rabat, Morocco, has been actively involved in the field of experimental contemporary art, building a platform for both Moroccan and foreign artists. The aim is to help artists to disseminate and advance their work and encourage new forms of art, performances, installations, videos, and interventions in situ.

As a way of offering more than basic exhibition space, Le Cube has also initiated several projects: “Video Night”, a showcase of production and validation of video art; “Summer’s Lab” for experimental Moroccan artists; the initiative “New Generation of Art”, which provides an opportunity for young talents to create and exhibit at Le Cube; and most recently “Curators’ Zone”, a project where independent curators are invited to organise a show at Le Cube. Another field of activity is the promotion of contemporary art for young people, with gallery visits and art workshops.

Le Cube - independent art room, 2012
Leila Sadel, "Ouvrage", cut journal paper, variable number of cut words, variable dimension, 2010
Edith Payer, "Sloanes agony", series of boxes, mixed media & found footage, since 2011
Régis Baudy, "Le Cube", vidéo, 3 min, 2012
Käthe Hager von Strobele, "Upper class memories – part 1 - The castle", installation with photographies, mosaic of photo works on paper and textile, 2012, photo: Stephan Hilge
Jamila Lamrani, “Bird cage”, white metall cage, silk threads, (detail of the installation “Bird cage", variable number of metall cages with different content), 2012