Jämjö, Sweden

Gullholma 404
37300 Jämjö
Jämjö, Sweden

Land404 is a rural farm on the coast of Blekinge, Sweden. We run a closely curated AIR (artist in residence) programme and also facilitate workshops and exhibitions. At the base of our operations is a commitment to our local community and the specific environment we are in. We encourage our participants to work with themes such as our relationship to rural landscapes in an otherwise urbanised western culture, or our interactions with nature. Our residencies conclude in an open-air exhibition and mini festival to celebrate the artwork and to give back to our area.

Simone Ærsøe - Where I am
Johan Stenbeck - The moment inbetween
Louise Möller - Handverk
Christopher Landin - Linje som beskriver förändring
Mette Hartung Kirkegaard - Plenty of Love

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