Kyojima Station 京島駅

Sumida-ku, Japan

3-50-12 Kyoshima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo,Japan
213-0002 Sumida-ku
Sumida-ku, Japan

Eki means "train station " in Japanese. We named it "Kyojima Station" which means a place where everyone can gather. With Guy Hirose as the host, "Kyojima Station" has developed with many artists and continues to evolve and launch. Kyojima Station is the artwork of the days that Guy Hirose has spent, and created together with the people he has met and will meet in the future. みんなが集まれる場所ということで駅と名付けた架空の駅”京島駅”です。ヒロセガイをホストに沢山の作家達と発展し、発進して進化を続けています。 京島駅とは、ヒロセガイが過ごした日々の形であり、今まで出会った人と共に創っている作品なのです。

The title of the exhibition is "Stadshamnen fish shop". The fish we handle are in season and fresh from Stadshamnen in Stockholm. We will communicate with our customers to select the fish of their choice, sometimes cut it into pieces, sometimes cooked it, and serve it to them.

KYOJIMA STATION/京島駅 was named after an old house, rented by participating artist Guy Hirose, which became a new landmark following an art festival held in a traditional wooden townscape that is disappearing in Tokyo. By re-evaluating the streets of the downtown area when Japan was growing economically and the downtown area was vibrant, the artists have created a base there, and by living there they would like to exhibit a different society from the present one as a work of art.