Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Seckbacher Landstrasse 16
60389 Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Round Robin

This is a Round Robin, invented by sailors in the 18th century. When they made a demand to the captain, they signed it in a round, so it was not possible to pick out the leaders.
In the 1980s, archaeologists found a shipwreck which sank due to mutiny in Gothenburg harbor, the most important port for Sweden. So let's talk about other parts of the world and why Europeans sailed there. Let's talk about European colonialism and its aftermath to this day.

The exhibition shows works by artists living in Sweden and Germany. It shows results on everyday experiences and also artistic research.
Before Supermarket we held online talks on the topics of the Round Robin. The conversation goes on: During the fair with artists at the booth and online. Afterwards the conversations continue.

Meira Ahmemulic, Andrea Blumör, Vládmir Combre de Sena, Harald Etzemüller, Tunay & Tuğba Önder, Rahulla Torabi and guests.

»The Act of Drinking Tea is the Highest Form of Art«, Tunay & Tuğba Önder
»Fürstliches Landgeschenk« (Princely land gift), Harald Etzemüller
»Something is rotten in the state of Denmark« — Hamlet, Vládmir Combre de Sena
»Angelique«, Andrea Blumör
»Montenegriner«, Meira Ahmemulic