Kunstraum flat1

Vienna, Austria

1060 Vienna
Vienna, Austria


Based in Vienna flat1 presents various thematic group shows with generally three to five participating artists. The focus of flat1 is contemporary fine arts. Interdisciplinary fringe events such as live music, DJ-lines and performances are works in progress. The chief aim of flat1 is to support the creative exchange between inter/national artists who share similar thematic and/or artistic approaches and might not have met otherwise. In the independent environment of flat1 these artists are given the opportunity to communicate and create dynamic networks, such as programmes devised by its two founders Karin Maria Pfeifer and Sula Zimmerberger.

Ottilie erinnert sich
Sula Zimmerberger_if i could fly, i would live in the sky
Sula Zimmerberger_explore options
Sula Zimmerberger_speed