Basel, Switzerland

Steinenbachgässlein 13
4051 Basel
Basel, Switzerland


At Supermarket Art Fair 2019 the artist-run initiative kunsthallekleinbasel presents the group exhibition RE:ACT with works by five artists and a short presentation of two associated initiatives. The exhibition includes paintings by the Hungarian artist Levente Fazekas. An interactive installation by the Basel based artist Mirjam Spoolder invites visitors to linger. The artist and art historian Ana Vujić presents ink drawings and represents the art space VOLTAGE and VOLTAGE PRESS from Basel. Fabian Frei and Silja Zimmermann intervene throughout the fair and in public space. Beside that they represent the Swiss art festival GUCK MAL GÜNTHER KUNST, which takes place annually in Lenzburg. The show is curated by Jasmin Glaab and Roy Andres Hofer.

Silja Zimmermann, „unpassend“, acrylic on wood, 120 x 100 cm, 2018, photo: Silja Zimmermann
Levente Fazekas, „Black Angel“. acrylic on canvas, 160 x 120 cm, 2018, photo: Levente Fazekas
Fabian Frei, „keep watching“, intervention in public space, 2017, photo: Katharina Good