Basel, Switzerland

Oetlingerstrasse 44
4057 Basel
Basel, Switzerland


For Supermarket 2018 the artist-run space kunsthallekleinbasel invites a group of engaged artists, art historians and curators for a collaboration on site. The participants Jasmin Glaab (artist, educator and curator, kunsthallekleinbasel, Basel), Roy Hofer (artist and curator, a-space, Basel), Florence Kotatko (art historian, Basel), Francesca Meier (artist and designer, Basel), Mirjam Spoolder (sculptor, designer and performance artist, Basel) and Ana Vujic (artist and art historian, Basel) will present their different works and explore educative strategies. This exhibition is about an exchange with the public and with each other. Following the concept of the Basel based initiative kunsthallekleinbasel (founded 2014) we focus on the presence of the artists and collective experience.

Roy Hofer; "daily signs", laser cut on acrylic neon glass, various size, Rheinfelden (CH), 2017, photo: Roy Hofer
Ana Vujic, “Die letzte Spinnerin”, ink on wall, 420 x 280 cm, 2017, photo: Hardcore Herrli
Mirjam Spoolder, ’The Body as an Architectural Object’, carpet, cotton and polyester, 90 x 38 x 30 cm / 60 x 32 x 25 cm, 2017, photo: Mirjam Spoolder
Francesca Meier, “Carla and me”, carbon and acrylic on paper, 100 x 100 cm, 2017, photo: Francesca Meier
Jasmin Glaab, “Art of Appropriation”, lipstick on glass, size variable, 2012, photo: Robin Gilli

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