Kultur am Nauener Platz e.V.

Berlin, Germany

Kultur am Nauener Platz is located in an old factory building.

In 1984 a group of artists saved it from being demolished and after a 2-year-period of restoration, the house is known as one of the independent, artist-run cultural centres of Berlin-Mitte. Besides living and working spaces for artists, Kultur am Nauener Platz provides space for lectures, film, exhibitions and concerts. Different workshops frequently take place here.

The artists’ house – the factory- is the focus or centre of the artist group ++PLUS++.

The members are connected to the house in various ways. Either they work and live here or they realise projects with Kultur am Nauener Platz.

There is a substantial discourse between the group members that has led to different common projects in Berlin and abroad.

Carola Göllner, "Murtensee I", oil on canvas,2011
Christian Grosskopf "Silent day", oil on canvas, 2010
Sigurd Wendland "Kreuzzug", watercolour on paper, 2011
Antonio Pauciulo "Man sitting", Oil on canvas, 2010
Chika Takabayashi "Sheep", wool and plaster, 2010
Eva Kaiser "Face", oil on canvas, 2010
Ancz É. Kokowski "chonruktnegrud" , oil on canvas, 2007
M. Straub "without title", installation, 2012
KEHL "Dog on a wheel", colour pencil on paper, 2011