Le Petit Festival

Hanko, Finland

Kadermonkatu 2
10900 Hanko
Hanko, Finland


We are an artist-run local and international organisation running a unique annual international arts festival. Le Petit Festival was founded by Vinko Prizmic in 2005 in Dubrovnik, Croatia and launched in Hanko, Finland in 2015.
Jori Tapio Kalliola is known for his feisty, authority critical sculptures. He uses recycled materials and hardware store paints. Kalliola has been Hanko’s Le Petit Festival resident artist since 2015. The Association for Rural Culture and Education made him Outsider Artist of 2021.
Mi Aleksandra Grönlund is a freelance performing artist with a Master's degree from the Helsinki Theater Academy. She promotes regional art in southeast Finland, Hanko, and organises art festivals, workshops, and projects. She has also researched European high and grassroot art trends. She is the founder of Le Petit Festival Hanko.

Logo of Le Petit Festival - Hanko, Finland, design by Radovan Jenko
Poster of Le Petit Festival 2022 Retour a la Natur, design by Radovan Jenko
Human tree.
Think twice.
Jori Tapio Kalliola and his scupltures.