Konstnärernas Riksorganisation

Stockholm, Sweden

Hornsgatan 103, plan 9
117 28 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden


  Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, The Swedish Artists’ Association, was founded in 1937, and comprises some 3,300 professional visual artists, craftsmen and designers. The task of the Swedish Artists’ Association is to represent Swedish artists in political issues concerning art and artists' financial and social situation. The Swedish Artists’ Association is active both locally and regionally through its 16 branches, as well as nationally and internationally. Our natural discussion partners include the Swedish Parliament and Government, authorities, institutions, universities and colleges, local authorities, the business community, and national and international cultural organisations. Central issues -  increasing the number of job opportunities in the sector - strengthening protection of artists authors rights - strengthening the position of artists in society - reaching agreements on fees and working conditions -  increasing artists influence on the art scene The work has resulted in state and municipal grants, the establishment of art galleries, investments in public art and many other benefits for artists and the art scene. Nationally, the Swedish Artists’ Association co-operates with the Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals (KLYS). We also have close contact with the Swedish national associations representing illustrators and photographers. Internationally, the Swedish Artists’ Association represents Swedish artists in the Nordic countries, co-operation organization Bildkonstnärer i Norden, BiN, (the Nordic Artist's Association), as well as the International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), an organization which enjoys a strong status within Unesco. The Swedish Artists’ Association manages a comprehensive service activity for artists and the art scene. We act as a contact agent, provide information on grants and other financing opportunities, and explain the details of different remuneration agreements, and labour market and tax legislation. We also provide our members with advice in various dispute and negotiation situations. The Swedish Artists’ Association publishes the magazine Konstnären (The Artist).

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