Uppsala, Sweden

Strandbodgatan 3
753 23 Uppsala
Uppsala, Sweden


Köttinspektionen is a non commercial artist-run space in Uppsala. The building was originally a meat inspection agency with high ceilings and industrial character designed in the 1930's. It was built on the edge of town, on the border between countryside and the city. Today it has come to occupy the edge of one of the most expansive parts of Uppsala, Industristaden. Since May 2014, Köttinspektionen houses art from several disciplines, such as dance, theatre and visual arts, where the artist group Haka curates the latter. Since 2023, Alba Folgado collaborates with Haka (Helena Laukkanen, Anna-Karin Brus, Katarina Sundkvist Zohari, Agneta Forslund, Natasha Dahnberg) and joins them in this curatorial endeavour. Köttinspektionen's aim is to be a production and presentation venue, where artists and collectives can work in an innovative, discursive, collaborative and experimental spirit. It wants to contribute to the contemporary art scene drawing from both, local and international experiences and ideas.

Köttinspektionen is an artist-run space and cultural venue in Uppsala focused on providing space for experimentation and process-oriented work. The space hosts art, dance and theatre, being Helena Laukkanen, Anna-Karin Brus, Katarina Sundkvist Zohari, Agneta Forslund, Natasha Dahnberg, and Alba Folgado responsible of curating its artistic programme. This includes exhibitions, events and collaborations with upcoming, established, local and international artists, as well as art initiatives.

For Supermarket 2023 Valeria Montti Colque and Eva Högberg depict their personal journeys as subtle evocations of various social challenges. Högberg reconnects with the image of her deceased mother, who has now come to embody a tender lying horse. The hair and loose limbs scattered around the space mourn the lost presence, while offering a dissident reading of a canonical symbol of power and oppression: the horse. In the same space, Montti Colque gathers not only one story but myriads of them, using clouds, trees, birds and shamans as storytellers. This whole scene is overseen by the ‘jokerita’, an alter ego who represents the duality of feeling at the margins of society and rooted in sharing life, joy, and struggles with friends and family – those who are here and those who are gone.

Köttinspektionen main space