Frederiksberg, Denmark

KONTORprojects is an artist-run exhibition space in Copenhagen dedicated to innovative contemporary art photography.

KONTORprojetcs was founded in 2011 by two visual artists, Jenny Nordquist and Louise Bøgelund Saugmann. Our aim is to show photography that pushes the medium forward and explores unconventional subject matters and presentation to examine what photography can achieve as an art form.

Our aim is to foster dialogue and networks that transgress gender, cultures and geographical borders. We want to expand the knowledge of art photography and strengthen cultural diversity globally and locally. We regularly invite artists from abroad to exhibit in collaboration with Scandinavian artists. Another way of furthering dialogue and diversity is our education programme where we run workshops and panel discussions.

We are based in a small space in a cosy backyard in Copenhagen’s vibrant neighbourhood of Vesterbro. We aim to organise approximately eight exhibitions a year and participate in art fairs and festivals around the world. Our programme spans solo shows, curated group exhibitions, and performances.

We work with both established artist and the latest emerging talent.

We will create a dynamic exhibition at Supermarket art fair with a group of artists that has previously exhibited at KONTORprojects or will exhibit in the near future. Nina Strand (NO), Geir Moseid (NO), Jessica Yatrofsky (US), Stuart Sandford (UK), Linda Hansen (DK) , Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK) Jenny Nordquist (SE) Katherine Marquis (UK), Mette Bersang (DK), Pushpamala N (IN) and Nina Mangalanayagam (UK/SE).

“Attracted to Moths”, exhibited at KONTORprojects 2011, Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK)
“Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK) and Jenny Nordquist (SE) exhibited at KONTORprojects 2011”,
“I Heart Boy”, Photography and Video, 2011, Jessica Yatrofsky (US) at KONTORprojects
“Jeg er Linda Hansen”, Photography and text, 2011, Linda Hansen (DK) at KONTORprojects
“IN MY BLUE, BLUE, BLUE JEANS exhibition”, Geir Moseid (NO) at KONTORprojects, 2011
“IN MY BLUE, BLUE, BLUE JEANS exhibition”, , Stuart Sandford (UK) at KONTORprojects
“Morning stiffness in hands and feet”, 2011, Jenny Nordquist (SE) at KONTORprojects
“Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK) exhibited at KONTORprojects 2011”,
“Jeg er Linda Hansen”, Photography and text, 2011, Linda Hansen (DK) at KONTORprojects

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