Stockholm, Sweden

Ranhammarsv 20M
16867 Bromma
Stockholm, Sweden


Konstpool is a website for open calls; commissions, exhibition opportunities, grants, residencies, symposiums, education, job opportunities etc. An organizer of a call can use Konstpool for the entire application process, posting information about the call and create an application form. Applicants respond and submit work samples with images, sound or video. Jury can review and chose winner. Doing the entire process on Konstpool saves time and effort for all parties. It is also possible to post an add about the call with a link to application form etc elsewhere. At the fair you will be able to see how the system functions.

Konstpool is a webb based marketplace with open calls for artists focused on calls in Sweden but also including calls from other Nordic and international organizations. Konstpool is open for everybody with no membership requirements. Organisations are offered to post and administrate their calls via Konstpool to simplify for themselves and for applicants. To learn more go to konstpool.se and please also visit our booth.

image from last years fair
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