Malmö, Sweden

Konstperspektiv is one of Sweden's most innovative contemporary art magazines! We have been around for almost 40 years, and are still improving.

Konstperspektiv is Sweden's biggest contemporary art magazine. We run four issues yearly, and cover everything that is relevant on the contemporary art arena. Our main focus is Sweden, so we publish in Swedish. But we also cover important international events and artists. Extra material is published regularly on our website.

At Supermarket, we will exhibit our brand new February issue. It deals with the complex and creative relationship between art & landscape. The focus will be wide, ranging from contemporary landscape painting to landart, installations and park design.

We will also show selected works by artists featured in our issue.

Konstperspektiv, winter issue about art's view of the future, February 2010
Konstperspektiv, autumn issue dealing with art and cartoons, September 2010
Konstperspektiv, 35-year anniversary issue, May 2010