Stockholm, Sweden

SKF, Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7
111 46 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden


Konstnärshuset is a unique, open forum for art and culture – past, present and future in the centre of Stockholm. The Swedish Artists’ Association (SKF) is the main owner of Konstnärshuset, where the association hosts a diverse program of contemporary art exhibitions, runs a showroom, awards grants to professional artists, and conducts member activities for 850 professional artists members.

Konstnärshuset will present the Grant Recipients in 2018: Karl Patric Näsman, Peter Wiklund, Henrik Olsson, Birgitta Heiling, Thomas Carlsson

Henrik Olsson/Diskbänksrealism
Thomas Carlsson/Flow-13
Birgitta Heiling/Långt efter Kavalla
Peter Wiklund/Nattjobbet
Karl Patric Näsman/Untitled, Dyed stripe
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