Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Konstnärshuset, Smålandsgatan 7,
111 46 Stockholm


The show Teaser at Supermarket 2013 presents a selection of upcoming exhibitions. It focuses on works and actions directing the gaze towards the house itself.

9.2 - 27.2 Konstnärshuset – Invasion / Helena Byström in cooperation with Jenny Vinterqvist. An exhibition in and about the house.

9.3 - 27.3 SenOren is a cultural superorganism. It is a viscous authorship separate from the individuals that participate in its production, exhibitions and events.

Participating artists: Helena Byström, SenOren, Sini Pelkki, Emma Hammarén, Kajsa Mattas, Mako Ishizuka, Marja-Leena Sillanpää


Konstnärshuset is a Venetian-inspired palace owned by artists. The building, inaugurated in 1899, was designed by the architect Ludvig Peterson. Konstnärshuset is centrally located in Stockholm’s most exclusive shopping area close to Norrmalmstorg. The exhibitions at Konstnärshuset are managed by the Association of Swedish Artists, Svenska Konstn.rernas Förening (SKF).The two galleries, which are situated on different floors, encompass 200 square metres and the ceiling of the larger gallery is an impressive seven metres. Our project Sektionen deals with equality and diversity issues, as Konstnärshuset is an art space where the traditional meets the contemporary.

Helena Byström, "Konstnärshuset-Vad är det?", videostill, 2012-13