Konstnärshuset SKF

Stockholm, Sweden

Smålandsgatan 7
11146 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden


Utställning med konst av stipendiater från SKF 2016.

1. Pelle Perlefelt, “Fifth Floor”, oil on canvas, 119x83 cm, 2013. Alexandra Skarp, “TTTT”, plywood, wood, plaster and acrylic tempera, approx. 100x100x20 cm, 2016
2. Patrik Qvist, “Uttag medges ej” (Withdrawal Denied), installation, banner, 110x660 cm. Photograph 40x50 cm, edition 5+2AP, 2016. Tobias Törnqvist, “Husbygget” (House Construction), pencil, 28x25 cm, 2011. Photo: Nils Agdler.
3. John Sundkvist, “Anakolut”, oil on canvas, 38x55 cm, 2015. Mats Hjelm, “No Money, No Love”, diptych. Infrared photograph from the Duvor Hotel, Liberia, silicone mounted on acrylic glass. Each panel 100x65 cm, 2015.
4. Helén Svensson, “Together Apart, Together, Up Down Down Side, Up Down, Up Side Down Side Up Down Down Side Up Side Down Up Side Side Side Together Down Side Up Side Up Side Down Side, Together Apart Apart Together Together Apart Together Up Down Down Side, Side Up Side Down, Side Side Up Up Side Side Down Down”. The piece is part of a series of nine drawings that describe various occurrences. A methodical system is used to organize markers of the direction of movements in a specific structure. Pencil on paper, 35x50 cm, 2015.