Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad i Nacka

Nacka, Sweden

KKV Nacka, Planiavägen 28-30
131 54 Nacka
Nacka, Sweden


The Artist’s Collective Workshop (KKV) is open to professionally engaged artists, providing work space and equipment as a unique resource for its members, the art market, educational institutions and for the citizenry.

KKV emphasises the role of art for individual and social development and sees its task as maturing and organising in harmony with contemporary standards in support of artists and their creative freedom.

KKV: s most important capital is its equipment, serviceable working environment and the knowledgeable competence of its members.

Another important capital is the history which surrounds the organisation’s activities.

KKV was established in 1969 and has during the succeeding 42 years been an arena for generations of artists and a forum for all who acknowledge that art mirrors, preserves and enriches a society’s cultural and spiritual identity.

KKV: s vision is to be the artist workshop that best provides the solution for artist’s need of professional equipment and competence, as well as an attractive meeting place and forum for those questions and circumstances relevant to the practice of art.