Konsthallen ABC

Stockholm, Sweden

Jämtlandsgatan 161
162 60 Vällingby
Stockholm, Sweden


Studio ABC is a non profit, artist-run studio collective in Stockholm. Our 40 studios house artists working in a range of techniques and mediums, which is reflected in our gallery space Konsthallen ABC where we exhibit members and external artists. The artists representing us at Supermarket are members working primarily with sculpture. Helena Permingers work revolves around questioning our relationship to vulnerability by weaving repulsion and fascination together to nurture another desire, even fascination. Sara Kallioinen Lundgren works with language and communication theory, making objects that portray the meeting between verbal and nonverbal communication. Jenny Överfors looks at humanity through a posthumanist lens, showcasing tactility and beauty in technology and cyberspace.

Jenny Överfors 2
Jenny Överfors 1
Sara Kallioinen Lundgren 2
Sara Kallioinen Lundgren 1
Helena Perminger 2
Helena Perminger 1