Konsthall kåddis

Umeå/Berlin, Sweden

odlarvägen 2
90420 Umeå
Umeå/Berlin, Sweden


The focus of the association is exhibitions that challenge the norm of the traditional exhibition room. The exhibition activities are primarily conducted in connection with rural areas but can be considered to be a itinerant operator that may use other locations and arenas not located in rural areas

All of KoKa’s artists at Supermarket have a strong connection to Umeå, a place in northern Sweden filled with electricity and the electro-magnetic fields of forests. A place that inspired Simon to create spiritual sound works, components arranged in circuits for oscillation and control. Tekla deconstructs memory and reality to create new forms and life forms. Gabriella uses algorithms transferred into a painting as a means of resisting the hegemony of the corporeal. Rakel's narrative takes us to different dimensions between the present and the afterlife. The cycle of life is reflected in Eric's painting, where he moves into spaces between to find connections and resistance between the organic and the material. Christoph's video performance takes us even further towards the arctic and into the cold reality of the unthinkable. Tracing thinking and interior processes, linked to again electricity, is what Ariane’s work is about.
Christoph Draeger, Rakel & Tekla Bergman Fröberg, Ariane Müller, Gabriella Novak, Simon Sjöström, Eric Seppas

Joakim Tano, Ceremonial activity, Installation, 2020
Konsthall Kåddis
Eric Seppas, Chi(asm), oil on canvas, diptych, 260x180, 2021
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