Konst i Dalarna

Dalarna, Sweden

c/o Matilda Haritz Svenson
Alvik Nisshagsvägen 4
79397 Siljansnäs
Dalarna, Sweden


Konst i Dalarna (KiD) is an organization for artists working in or connected to the region of Dalecarlia (Dalarna). KiD organizes about 100 artist members. Through exhibitions, seminars, networking, mentorship and studio talks KiD aims to create a vital art environment in the region. The organization actively addresses regional art policies by engaging administrators and politicians.

At Supermarket KiD presents the works of two members, Johanna Hästö and Matilda Haritz Svenson, who shares immaterial connections. The two artists both intend to show things as they are, with a similar questing attitude.

Johanna Hästö b. 1984 has a broad approach to art. Her work spans from drawing to performance and film. Works often touch upon human communication and questions of how we relate to history, the present and the future. At Supermarket she will present the work ”What a limit is the sky if a skin fall off pass by?”, a film based on a performance at Bildmuseet 2016.
Matilda Haritz Svenson b. 1982 uses ceramic objects in various investigations about space and movement. At Supermarket she will make an installation of wood fired sculptures, handmade with body-like connotations.