Bergen, Norway

Kanalveien 90
5068 Bergen
Bergen, Norway

Knipsu is an experimental exhibition space and collective for contemporary art. Knipsu produces concerts, performances, publications and exhibitions as an arena where artistic quality and development are the focus regardless of genre and media. Our profile can best be defined through the unpredictability in both expression and form, where the recurring theme is the awareness of the present in a social and humane perspective. Knipsu acts as a hybrid between the genres of music, art and performance where the tension point for much of the consistent rawness of Knipsu occurs. The Knipsu artist run concept was founded in the framework of collaboration and DIY in 2010 by Hilde Jørgensen and Maya Økland (2010 -2014), and is now run by Jørgensen, Olav Mathisen and Ulf Melbye. Our activity has involved over 180 artists from all Nordic countries, Europe, the Middle East, the USA and South America, from artist-run initiatives to well-established institutions.

KNIPSU, an experimental platform for contemporary art, shows the exhibition Seid at Supermarket. Seid comes from the Norse word seidr, a collective term for knowledge that today would be called magic and stems from religious practices in the Iron Age and Norse times in Nordic countries. The practice of seid can be compared to Sami shamanism, and enables the practitioner to see the past and future, and to be able to actively change fate. In the exhibition, the point of departure is that today artists enter this state where one looks into the future and tries to influence it through work, actions and perspectives. The exhibition has an apocalyptic worldview in a contemplative presentation of downfall as a process. Participating artists are Knipsu members and invited artists.

Wall Pot, Bjørn Mortensen
Wall Pot, Bjørn Mortensen
Mythic Western, Håvard Kranstad
UM8R, Hilde Jørgensen / Olav Mathisen, 24 panels
Panel UM8R Hilde Jørgensen / Ulf Melbye, 120 x220cm
Panel UM8R Hilde Jørgensen / Olav Mathisen, 120 x 80 cm
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