Kallio Kunsthalle

Helsinki, Finland

Toinen linja 31
00530 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland


Kallio Kunsthalle is a pocket of art in the heart of Kallio - It is thoughts size of a museum in a space, smaller than an average gallery. In 2017 Kallio Kunsthalle has a experimental programme, which is organised by a group of 6 emerging curators from Finland and Russia. Programme includes 12 exhibitions and inclueding international exchang collaborative exhibition/productions. For Supermarket the booth will be a collaboration with another international curator organisation, QiPO, which works on 4 continents.

Mobility of experimental art works. Experimental custom techniques, such as augmented reality. Virtualization of art. Curiosities of the mind. Everything that triggers the senses in a new, unexpected way. Nut In a nut shell.

QiPO / Fictional documentary
QiPO / POW (Persistence of vision)
QiPO / Collaborative installation / Performative sculpture (after the performance)
QiPO / Performative sculpture & fictional movie poster
QiPO / Collaborative artwork
QiPO / Augmented reality
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