Sydney/Paris, Australia/France,


IS-projects, SNO and ParisCONCRET present a tripartite group show celebrating the accelerated interconnectivity now made possible by the internet. This is the means whereby these 3 project houses from 3 different countries have enjoyed an evolving relationship. It has not only given divergent practices a more immediate context for exchange but has also become a tool by which artists may engage in a dialogue on an international platform. The display consists of 30 visual outcomes in the form of limited edition T-shirts achieved via an online process by associated artists invited from around the globe. These are installed in relation to a wall image produced by artists in long distance collaboration, highlighting again the potential for developing the non-objective through the internet.


IS-projects was founded in December 2007 with a gathering of twenty artists from Australia, Europe and USA in the exhibition entitled UND Jetzt. Since then IS-projects has initiated exhibitions and therefore meetings between artists, art-lovers and collectors. Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler, both artists, transform their house twice a year into an exhibition space. IS-projects organizes group shows, connecting artists from The Netherlands with artists working abroad. IS-projects also publishes the so called IS-boxes, limited edition sets of prints/multiples. And thus, providing accessible and 'mail friendly' art. IS-projects is intimate space, internet space, international space, international style, but above all the art that we show is what it is. See related texts on our website.

SNO/SYDNEY NON OBJECTIVE Contemporary Art Projects established in 2005 in a small factory warehouse allotment, is now housed in an Arts & Crafts style building in Marrickville, Sydney. The central idea that informed the inception and management of SNO’s program remains today. It is based on a critical appraisal of contemporary Australian art and how it relates to a broader international spectrum. The selected projects generally reflect a wide variety of approaches to the plastic arts, new media, or any form that may provide a deepening of the contemporary investigation into non-objective, concrete, and abstract art in general. SNO attempts to critically balance different levels of artistic experience, and the specialist program aims to sustain a policy of innovation and integration of new ideas, often by presenting established, dead and emerging artists together.

ParisCONCRET is a non-profit association which exists to : 
- create a point of convergence in Paris for artists working in the field of 'concrete' art 
 (including all non-objective, minimal and reductive work) 
- encourage exchanges between international artists and facilitate collaborative projects 
- promote recent work by artists working in this domain. The ParisCONCRET project space opened in January 2009 and has since presented 34 exhibitions showcasing the work of some 65 artists.






IS-projects:Sanne Bruggink, “Frontaal zwart I”. Paint, resin, 200x250x0,3cm, 2007. Photo Guido Winkler
SNO 58:Ivan Muñiz Reed, unknown titled painting. 3 Frozen paint blocks+boxes with stretched canvas,April 2010. Photo John Adair
ParisCONCRET:+air REDEPOAD. UV paint & light, November 2010 Photo John Adair
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