Timisoara, Romania

str. Coriolan Brediceanu nr 2 ap 06, *recently lost our space
300077 Timisoara
Timisoara, Romania

Indecis Artist Run is a self-governing venue situated in Timișoara, Romania, established in 2020 by an artist and an engineer. As a non-profit, non-hierarchical entity, our objective is to foster and nurture dynamic connections between contemporary art and artists from diverse backgrounds. Meanwhile, other individuals have become involved in managing the space, enriching our collaborative efforts. During Supermarket 2024, we will showcase a diverse collection of collaborative creations that have evolved within the realm of our space since its inception. This presentation will contemplate the future of independent art practices, navigating the artistic landscape with an uncertainty about our permanent location, and delving into hybrid artistic realms.

The (future) Garden - Exhibition Opening
Gallery view - Activities; solo show of Dan Perjovschi
Gallery view - EXTR-Activism. Decolonising Space Mining
Laika is Back! - Workshop during the Cozzzzzmonautica Exhibition
The Secret Garden Bookshop