ARTcollab studio

Cape Town, South Africa

8000 Cape Town
Western Cape
Cape Town, South Africa

ARTcollab studio produces collaborative art projects with multidisciplinary artists in different creative communities. Collaboration is at the heart of our organisation and you can support us through purchasing work through our online gallery.
Our video work from our collaborative projects will be showcased at Supermarket this year, collectively produced with groups of multidisciplinary artists around important social issues from across Southern Africa. Karoo Disclosure (2014) on fracking in the Karoo, South Africa, Ubulungiswa/Justice (2015) on social justice, Ilizwe/Nyika (2019) on land and gender in Zimbabwe and our most recent project Ubumbano/Unity (2021) on gender based violence. Supermarket will be the first showing of all Artcollab studio project video works produced over the past seven years.
Due to Covid we cannot be with you in person but would love to engage so we are offering you a chance to win one of our collective prints from Supermarket Art Fair 2021 by following us on Instagram and sharing a photo with us of your favourite pics from the Fair: @Artcollab_studio
This way we get to meet you and see more of the fair through your eyes. Feel free to ask us any questions we will be online waiting to meet you.

Karoo Disclosure Collaboration 'Diviner' Photographic Print A3 2014
Ubulungiswa/Justice Collaboration 'Devil' Making of Documentation 2015
Ubulungiswa/Justice Collaboration 'African Foreigner' II Photographic Print A0 2015
Ilizwe/Nyika Collaboration 'Lioness Spirit' I Photographic Print A0 2019
Ilizwe/Nyika Collaboration 'Warrior Queen Lozikeyi' I Photographic Print A0 2019
Ubumbano/Unity Collaboration Detail of 'Safe Spaces I' Photographic Print A3 2021

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