Ideas Block

Vilnius, Lithuania

Pylimo 60
01307 Vilnius
Vilnius, Lithuania

Ideas Block (VšĮ “idėjų blokas LT” ) is a non-profit organisation with an independent space for arts and culture, Kompresorine, located in the former compressors room of the Physics Institute in Vilnius, Lithuania. It seeks to provide a framework, physical space, knowledge and necessary technology for relevant, interdisciplinary cultural content. Through active participation and networking, it aims to cultivate a body of research and development of ideas within the community. Everyone is welcome to propose ideas and organise events, workshops, talks or exhibitions, as well as rent it for private events. The venue consists of 3 main spaces: Gallery: a tall (7m high) reverberant exhibition space of 45 square metres. Suitable for art installations, concerts and performances. Events space: 45 square metres space with an ambisonics sound system (3D surround sound), stage for concerts and performances, seminars and talks. Work space: 60 square metres space for co-working and workshops. Members area with desk spaces for computer work, tech, crafts and arts. There are books, materials and tools (sewing machine, 3D printer, drawing tablet, paper cutter, etc.) available for the members.

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