ID:I Galleri Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

ID:I galleri
Tjärhovsgatan 19
11628 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Day and night, darkness and light, earth and air, good and evil, war and peace, dictatorship and democracy. They all stand on opposing sides of the line, which moves slowly and imperceptibly forward. Or is it only going around in a circle?Latitude, the hour hand, earth’s surface, combat line. Folding inwards, traveling towards the center of the earth and the darkness enclosing its subterranean creatures. Shadow does not exist without sunlight. The photography develops slowly in the dark under a red lamp, only to become visible in the light. The daylily. A sunbeam dissolving an icicle. We are four artists from ID:I who exhibit works about darkness, either as something tangible in the soil, or the metaphorical and philosophical darkness, such as war and the planet's threatened environment.

Johanna Schartau, Giving up, colorprint, 2023
Mona Petersson; Lyssna, Trädsvamp och plastelina med plastfigurer
Helena Perhsson, modell , papp, ledljus
Johanna Schartau, Shelter, photopolymer, etching 2023
Annelie Wallin, Penumbra, From darkness towards lightness, drawing 2022
Annelie Wallin, studio shot, drawings 2022

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