Björkö, Sweden

Simpnäsvägen 739
764 53 Björkö
Björkö, Sweden


HYBRID is the exhibition program at BKN/Björkö Konstnod. It is a transformative, dynamic space for art that engages with life and nature; a space for developing concepts of community and poetic investigations.
HYBRID seeks to explore and interpret possibilities beyond the violence of algorithms, egoism, deforestation, water preservation, life/living in costal setting, narrowmindedness and repression. From its core HYBRID extends to sites indoors and outdoors on or off the island.
Keywords: asymmetry, entanglement, beyond violence, not-knowing, desire, nature, responsibility, deep listening, close seeing.
The initiative is is artist run, with great support from people at Björkö. Our permanent space is located in two 100 year old buildings, formerly used for education. Today we have wood workshop, darkrooms for photography, screening/presentation room, loom etc in addition to 7 studio spaces.
We are located in the northern archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden on the island Björkö. Artists and the local community initiated BKN studio spaces in 2020. Originally set out as a project to convert the former school into studios, it soon came to include a residence program, artist presentations, art education, screenings and exhibitions.

Artists: Anna Viola Hallberg (se) & Oona Hyland(ie) , Title: Touching Time, (video still)
Artists: Zoey Hart (us) & Beatrice Alvestad Lopez (no/se) , Title: Lyssnerskan, (video still)