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Al Masyaef
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Ramallah , Palestine, State of

The Visual Arts Forum, is a leading Palestinian institution in the field of culture and Visual Arts, which aims to promote community development in the arts sector for youth and children. The forum was established in 2002 as a non-profit organization and is registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior. Through its activities, the forum instills important values of equality, voluntary action, transparency and accountability. The forum focuses its programs in politically and socially marginalized and culturally deprived Palestinian communities all across the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The focus of the Forum's work and its core area of expertise, during the period mentioned, has been the empowerment of young people in culture and community leadership through visual arts, the use of art in the psychology and mental health of children in marginalized villages, the fight against violence in schools and promoting economic empowerment opportunities by creating job opportunities in the visual arts fields of animation and illustration. The Forum empowers school teachers, young artists, and children to further develop their skills and allows for the growth of free expression. Over the years, the Forum has impacted around 19,000 children, youth, teachers and artists.

The Visual Art Forum is a no-profit Palestinian institution which aims towards a community that s aware of its culture and identity and believes that Art and creativity are tools for expression, change development and free of thought. VAF has four major programs: first of all is The Visual Arts Education Program: The forum provides a creative platform through which children, adolescents, youth and adults from 5 to 70 years old attend the School of Visual Arts to learn the skills of producing artworks from paintings to installation and sculpture, which VAF will present their artwork at the supermarket exhibition under the name of “ART in Palestine”.
Second program is the Psychosocial Support through Arts Program, the third one Youth Economic Empowerment through Arts Program, and the fourth is Community Awareness through Arts Program

The Art work presents the reflection of local and community context on the students and how they express themselves through contemporary art in all its aspects including social, economic, impact due to occupation, health and volatile environment.
At the supermarket we will present the best art pieces of our students in the last 4 years. Representing Palestine and different Palestinian segments, building partnership, and collaborative work.

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