HotDock Project Space

Bratislava, Slovakia

Horarska 12
Topolcianska 12/14
82109 Bratislava
Bratislava, Slovakia

The HotDock Gallery is a space for presenting participatory, engaged, and critical artworks of predominantly young, emerging artists. The gallery′s previous location, an industrial area of The Winter Harbour in Bratislava, was also reflected in the shaping of its exhibition content, intention, and form. The location’s industrial surroundings also influenced the gallery′s projects towards a more intensive participation with artists, site-specific art, and more specific outreach to the public. Despite the abrupt discontinuation of our gallery space at the harbour, we keep on following our ideological principles and are beginning a new phase in Petržalka with the aim of mobilising the public and forming a new cultural-artistic context.

Erik Janecek
Erik Janecek
Slavomira Ondrusova
Simona Janisova
Erik Sikora
Julia Grybos Barbira Zentkova

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