Vienna, Austria

Elisabethstrasse 13
1010 Vienna
Vienna, Austria


Founded by Katrin Elmer, Janis Lejins, and Julia Wolf, HALLE13 (Vienna) provides a platform for diverse and unique cultural experiences by reimagining and rerouting the potential of the gallery as a cultural vehicle in and of itself. This self-conscious activation of the gallery as the constituting architecture for cultural experiences empowers HALLE13 and their collaborators to experiment with and embrace the exhibition format as a form to challenge expectations of what a gallery does and can aspire to be.For Supermarket 2024, HALLE13 is working with artist/florist Alma Bektas (Vienna) to present a unique floral installation. Bektas’s work has been previously presented at ImPulsTanz, Vienna Design Week, MuseumsQuartier, AFA Showroom Paris, Theater o.N. Berlin, and Kunst Haus Wien, among

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