Gubbängen Art Center

Stockholm, Sweden

Getfotsvägen 21
12246 Enskede
Stockholm, Sweden

In 2017 we took over an abandoned mini-market in Gubbängen and have since adapted its tiled rooms according to our shifting passions, being simultaneously a marketplace, a gallery, a living room and a workshop.

Gubbängen Art Center is an artist-run space in the southern part of Stockholm, and with experiences from various art colleges, kitchens, night-shifts, streets and mountains we are creating a place where we make, share and show off.

At Supermarket 2022 we join the re-opening of everything and bring some people we love. As we step into the light we will continue to explore ways to unify through arts, crafts and other special effects.

Tuva Widén
Lisa Maria Pettersson
Petra Robertsson

”Täcket - as with every major meltdown fluff will grow over”
‘Hästen’, collage by Gubbängen Art Center Board of Directors, stoneware, beeswax, plant parts, 2021
“Fasaden – we giggle as we explain that our mission is to deconstruct things and sew them back together again with dental floss”