Jakobstad, Finland

Runebergsgatan 8
68600 Jakobstad
Jakobstad, Finland

During Supermarket 2018 we will have a programme consisting mainly of performative pieces. Also we will provide information about our own and AiR Jakobstad’s activities. The Galleri GRO booth will be a temporary contact centre from which invited artists will interact with visitors to the Supermarket art fair. Artists working with Galleri GRO at Supermarket 2018: Joakim Hansson & Sebastian Mügge aka Alte Schweden FI/SE/DE, Johan Sandås FI, Moa Cederberg FI/SE, Maja Andersson SE, Sebastian Franzén SE,Bahareh Mirhadi IR/SE, Jennifer Granquist SE.

Natalia Egorova at Galleri GRO setting up the exhibition recensere curated by Joakim Hansson
galleri gro logo
Alte Schweden russian logo. Alte Schweden will do a performance in the Galleri GRO booth during Supermarket 2018.
Sebastian Franzén at grOljud 2017, foto joakim hansson

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